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An Overview of DNA Sequencing Methods (First Generation, Second Generation and Third Generation) (23607 Downloads)
مروری بر اختلالات اضطرابی و اقدامات پرستاری آن (17435 Downloads)
Epigenetic-Based Cancer Therapy (12953 Downloads)
Assessment of arterial blood gases in Hypobaryk and comparison with normal Raptor fighter pilots (12886 Downloads)
نقش کاربردی ابزارهای فن آوری ارتباطات واطلاعات در مدیریت بحران (9486 Downloads)
A Brief Review of New Advances in the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injuries (9482 Downloads)
An Overview of Biodefense Against Biological Agents (8346 Downloads)
Modern Warfare Defense (Chemical, Microbial and Nuclear): A Classical Review Article (7439 Downloads)
New Developments in the Use of Bacteriophages in the Treatment of Bacterial Infections (7005 Downloads)
مروری بر روش های ثبت پتانسیل های میدانی خارج سلولی در حیوانات آزمایشگاهی (6571 Downloads)
An Overview of Breast Neoplasms in Women (6234 Downloads)
نگاهی رویکردی به دگزامتازون قاتل خاموش جامعه ایران (5742 Downloads)
An Overview of Nanotechnology Applications in Medical Imaging with Nanoparticle Contrast Agents and Probe Designing (5676 Downloads)
An Overview of Different Types of Immune Stimulating Adjuvants and Their Application (5324 Downloads)
Evaluation of Data Mining Applications in the Health System (5207 Downloads)
Evaluation of new microbiological methods in the diagnosis of bloodstream infections (5037 Downloads)
Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (4954 Downloads)
Value and Status of Professional Morality in the Providing Nursing Services (4774 Downloads)
The Impact of Climate Change on Parasitic Diseases (4094 Downloads)
Evaluation of Radiation Protection Condition in Educational Hospital Radiological Centers of Ahwaz University of Medical Sciences (3967 Downloads)
Simulation of Mobile Radiations in Vicinity of Adult and Child Head (3908 Downloads)
Radiation Protection of Patients in Cardiac CT Angiography (3829 Downloads)
نگاهی به تفکر انتقادی در آموزش علوم پزشکی (3680 Downloads)
مروری بر خودکشی و علل آن (3677 Downloads)
نانو ذرات مغناطیسی و تصویربرداری مولکولی (3591 Downloads)
Various Numerical and Analytical Methods for Studying the Electromagnetic Fields Effects on the Human Body: A Classical Review Article (3502 Downloads)
The Survey on the Prevalence of the Cardiovascular Diseases Risk Factors among the Qom University of Medical Sciences Staffs in 2012 (3385 Downloads)
Evaluating the Risk Factors of Type II Diabetes in Sabzevar (3119 Downloads)
Chitosan Physical Hydrogel for Diabetic Wound Treatment (3100 Downloads)
Designing and Manufacturing Magnetic Cell Separation Device from Liquid Environment with High Performance (3077 Downloads)
ارزیابی موانع و تسهیل کننده های بهره مندی از سیستم اطلاعات بیمارستانی در بیمارستان امام رضا (ع) در سال 1389 (3076 Downloads)
Exercise hormone (Irisin) (2967 Downloads)
Estimation of Age Standardized Ratio of Lung Cancer in Iran in 2014 and 2030 (2960 Downloads)
Role of SHIP2 in Oleate Induced De-Novo Lipogenesis (2955 Downloads)
Prevalence of Surgical Site Infection after Orthopedic Surgery and Some Related Factors at the Selected Hospitals of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (2944 Downloads)
Measurement of Radio Frequency Non-Homogeneity in MRI (2908 Downloads)
Measurement of leakage dose in radiology department of educational hospitals of ahvaz university of medical sciences. (2880 Downloads)
An overview and mapping of Anopheles in Iran (2846 Downloads)
The Effect of Exercise Intervention on the Immune System in COVID-19 (2808 Downloads)
Nutrition and Military Rations in Operational Areas with an Emphasis on Food Content (2783 Downloads)
Introducing a Novel Weighted Gamma Evaluation Method for Comparing the Dose Distributions in Radiotherapy (2678 Downloads)
Epidemiology of Brucellosis in the North and North-West Iran (2671 Downloads)
A Mathematical Head Phantom for Dosimetry Measurements by Monte Carlo Method (2617 Downloads)
Assessment of Entrance Skin Doses and Effective Dose for Common X-ray Diagnostic Examinations (2491 Downloads)
Generalized linear mixed models:Introduction,Estimation method and Application in medical studies (2491 Downloads)
Automatic Detection of Alzheimer Disease Based on the Area Analysis of White and Gray Matter Regions in Brain Images (2479 Downloads)
Epidemiological Study of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Khatam, Yazd Province, 2004-2013 (2437 Downloads)
The Comparison Between Learning Styles and Self-efficacy of Students of Medical Sciences, Art, Engineering, and Human Science (2433 Downloads)
Assessment of the Effective Doses for Radiosensitive Organs in Chest CT Scans with or without Using the Automatic Exposure Control System (2416 Downloads)
The Study of Occupational Exhaustion in Working Women (Study Cases: Women Occupied in Jahad-e-Daneshgahy of Tehran University of Medical Sciences) (2372 Downloads)
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